Shrink wrap encapsulation affords much greater containment than traditional scaffold sheeting. Not only can it give greater protection against dust and debris escaping from a scaffold, it provides an excellent weather proof membrane, and is ideal for weather proof canopies and jobs which need to be kept dry. The shrink wrap is welded together and has no holes or gaps giving excellent protection from dust and debris. The material is heated to form a tight seal around the scaffold and is hard wearing, much more tear resistant than traditional sheeting materials which tend to rip from the scaffold in high winds. Not only does the shrink wrap give a better finish to the job it is also flame retardant, recyclable and can easily be repaired. Shrink wrap can be used for temporary canopies or roofs, asbestos protection, grit blasting or generally where a greater level of protection is needed. We have a fully trained in house team for installation of shrink wrap.